Motiejus Osipovas


Mostly utilities that solve an immediate painpoint or frustration.

SilentZone (2013 - 2014)

SilentZone let you configure geofences and assign a ringtone to them. It helped keep our phones silent in the lecture hall, vibrating while commuting and loud at home. It was built directly as a response to a problem we were facing. SilentZone was a collaboration with the help of my friend Grant Hunter.

Wayback Machine Snapshot for the SilentZone Website in 2013

UAlberta - Engineering Chart Augmenter (2013 - 2016)

This Chrome extension added a modal pop-up when hovering over course names on the Course Calendar for the Undergraduate Engineering program at the University of Alberta.

I built it because there wasn’t a great way to cross-reference courses with their descriptions.

Sourcing the course descriptions in an automated way was fun. It involved pulling data from the university’s LDAP server.

UAlberta - ECA on the Chrome Web Store

Custom Chrome Context Menu (2021)

A Chrome Extension that gives me more search engine options when I select and right click an element.

I have been unable to find a privacy respecting Chrome extension that accomplishes the same thing.

This is still a work in progress.